Goldilocks Flow

Not too hot, not too cold! The practice that Goldilocks would choose. A well balanced practice with just the right amount of strength and softness. Suitable for all levels.


In this class we slow down and explore the subtler side of yoga. With use of props such as bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets we spend a longer time in the restorative poses so the deep layers of the body and mind can release. This practice is well suited to those with more serious injuries, cancer, fibromyalgia to name a few. However it is not limited to those with health concerns; all people regardless of their health will benefit from this practice. The end result of this practice is peace and deep calm in the central nervous system; a must for those with high stress levels. This practice is known as the antidote to stress.

Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ)

SFQ a simple, efficient and effective method that integrates visualization, breath, sound, postures and gentle body movements to help you create an internal state of peace. Gently go within slowly opening energy meridians and energy channels, moving and releasing energy blocks, and easily becoming centered, grounded, and find balance. With therapeutic effects on physical and emotional pain, revive your vitality and enhance the quality of your life. Originating 4,000 years ago in China it is now practiced worldwide for exercise, relaxation, preventative medicine, self healing, meditation and self-cultivation. No experience required. Come experience it in a welcoming, supportive, and nurturing environment!

Beginner’s Power

The power class designed with the beginner in mind! This class begins by warming up the body with gentle stretching and leads into a strengthening sequence with basic yoga poses. The strengthening sequence is followed by a cool down and relaxation, making it a well balanced basic practice!





Join Anita in an expertly led journey into Ashtanga yoga! This is a strong practice that will enhance your focus and strength. While the primary series will be involved, be prepared to explore advanced poses that will challenge you regardless of the level you are working at. Take your practice to the next level!

Grow Flow

Join Amanda in this strong, fun class designed specifically to help you grow! Longer sequences on each side of the body challenge muscles in a new way, and the involvement of an apex pose in each class will give you the opportunity to challenge your boundaries. Meditation and practical philosophy we can apply to our daily life are also featured as a catalyst for inner development.


Yin Yang Slow Flow

Yin yang slow flow blends two styles of yoga into one practice. It provides a wonderfully balanced practice including slow, deeply held poses to target the (yin) connective tissues and joints with dynamic movement and standing postures that target the (yang) muscles and blood flow, that will overall, build strength, stamina and flexibility.

Slow Flow

In this class we will focus on mindful, slow movement to help build strength while releasing tension. Suitable for all levels.

Chandra Namaskar

While the sun salutations are invigorating, this moon salutation practice is a gentle, calming asana practice that is meant to restore the body and mind.

Start Your Day Strong

Join Judy in a fun flow class that will awaken your body with breath and movement! All proceeds from this class will go to a good cause! $5 drop in only. Sorry no punch cards.





This practice focuses on calming the body and mind through the practice of meditation, as well as learning simple breathing practices to help you live a more easeful life. All levels welcome.




Karma Yoga

Experience a variety of different teachers and styles and indulge in our weekend yoga buffet! Each week a different instructor will volunteer their time and teach an all-levels class to support a local charity. Each month we will choose a new recipient for our donation-based class. The suggested donation is $5 however please bring what you can spare, even if it’s only a smile and a positive thought :)