Is there a place to change clothes?

Yes, Women’s and Men’s changing rooms are available, as well as one shower.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise.  Avoid lotion on hands and feet, which may cause slipping on mats. Avoid strong perfumes.

What should I bring?

A towel, water, and your own mat if you have one.  Mats are also available for use.

If I have a past injury, can I practice yoga?

Yes, however those with current or past injuries should speak with their physician first.  Advise instructor of any special conditions at beginning of class (heart conditions, pregnancy. Etc.)

Can I leave early if necessary?

Yes, however each class ends with a period of final relaxation (savasana) which typically lasts 5 – 10 minutes.  Before leaving, please lie down for a brief savasana on your own (this is an integral part of every yoga session) and then quietly gather your things and depart before group relaxation begins.

Can I eat before class?

It is advisable to practice yoga on an empty stomach, allowing 1 ½  – 2 hours after light meals and longer after heavy meals.

Which classes are appropriate for me?

Please review the class levels and descriptions.  Feel free to contact us or email with any questions.

Can I practice during menstruation?

Yes, however we suggest avoiding inverted postures during the first few days of menses.  Please ask instructor for alternatives.


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