Amanda has been a soul searcher her entire life. She was drawn to yoga first in 1999 when she saw a yoga magazine on the rack with the phrase “Liberate Your Mind” plastered across the front. Curious, she purchased the magazine and read, feeling that the guidance and wisdom in yoga philosophy was exactly the teacher her mind and heart needed to heal. It has been a long, amazing learning journey since then and will continue to be so until the end of her life because she knows everything and everyone in the universe is a great teacher, and delights in finding yoga in the world around her. Amanda was formally trained in Rishikesh, India with Yogi Vishvketu and is also a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. Her classes vary from the gentlest Restorative to challenging bendy stuff, and she loves to be creative with her sequencing and have fun! It is her goal to offer yoga in a way that invites the mind, body and heart to blossom into their highest potential.



Our loyal, long time Yogi and friend Glen Herman will also be joining our teaching staff this fall in his debut class, CREATIVE FLOW WITH YOGI JOE!! If you could combine discipline, intelligence, dedication, heart, soul and strength into one individual- that would be Glen :) We are thrilled to have him teaching this fall and look forward to seeing you all enjoying his practice as he embarks on his new journey! Congratulations Glen!!!

Marlee started practicing yoga in 2005. Her original practice was in the traditional Ashtanga series and she took her teacher training in 2008. While attending the U of S in Saskatoon, Marlee taught in Ryan Leier’s studio, One Yoga. She then moved to Portland, OR to pursue her doctor in Chiropractic. Although she took a break from teaching at this time, she continued to practice yoga. Her practice began to transition to power vinyasa and vinyasa flow style yoga, which is what she predominately practices and teaches today. Marlee’s classes offer a balance of strength and flexibility and the freedom to make the practice your own. She enjoys making different sequences and also playing around with inversions and arm balances. Due to her Chiropractic background, she also incorporates elements of anatomy and body mechanics into her teachings. Marlee’s favorite part of teaching is being able to share the benefits of yoga and supporting others in growing their practice.

Marlee is originally from Stewart Valley and currently lives in Swift Current with her husband Cole and dog Rilee.



Nikkii started yoga in 2004 and received her teacher training with “It’s Yoga” from San Fransisco in 2006. She learned the Ashtanga series and has practiced Mysore style.

Nikkii likes to teach the Ashtanga series and vinyasa flow style yoga. She gives hands-on adjustments and is experienced with helping those who have injuries to practice safely. In her vinyasa style classes the emphasis is on the breath while moving through a standard set of asanas to get the whole body involved. This girl enjoys teaching all levels to her students but most of all Nikkii is known for the fun she brings to her classes through her kind and playful spirit!


jessicabioJessica’s first introduction to yoga was at college where it was incorporated into an announcing class which used full body awareness to teach students how to better utilize breathing while speaking (Jessica’s background is in radio broadcasting). It was an instant hit and after several years of dabbling here and there, Jessica jumped into her practice full force as a way to alleviate headaches and arthritis and to bring some calm to a hectic lifestyle. The peaceful elation that she felt following every class kept her coming back and trying a wide range of classes and styles. In 2014 she began her teacher training and is continuing to learn new ways to help participants on their own yoga paths. Jessica endeavors to provide a class that is peaceful, inclusive and lighthearted for everyone from beginners attending their first class to experienced practitioners.



Norine has been practicing yoga since 2002. During this time, yoga has helped her recover from past injuries, navigate through stressful times, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Seeking to share these benefits with others, Norine began teaching yoga in 2012, and in 2013, completed her 200 hours of teacher training with Namaskar Yoga Saskatoon, to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Norine teaches with the philosophy that yoga should be for everyone, that the yoga postures can be modified and adapted to suit the individual’s needs. Her classes are alignment focused, to build strength and balance.



It did not take me much to get into yoga. After my very first class I was hooked. I had always been into fitness, but yoga made my body and mind come together in a way I had never experienced before. After years of practise I decided to further my yoga interest and move to Vancouver to take Hatha yoga teacher training and anti- gravity yoga teacher training. For me, yoga doesn’t just keep me healthy and in shape; it brings harmony to my being as a whole and keeps my heart and mind at peace.



I started going to yoga classes back in 2005 and quickly fell in love with it. I completed my teacher training in June of 2008 and have taught at several studios since that time. Yoga has remained a part of my life for the past ten years because of all of the benefits I experience both physically and mentally. I really enjoy being active and yoga not only strengthens my body but reduces soreness and stiffness from my other physical activities. Yoga also allows me to unwind, slow down and focus on me for a while as I am a very busy person and don’t always find time to do that otherwise. I have attended several workshops, and gone to many different yoga studios to expand my knowledge and to bring something different to my classes. I focus on the physical aspect a lot when I am teaching by making students work hard as that is what I, personally, most enjoy about yoga. I also try to bring a sense of lightness and humor to my classes as I’m a firm believer in that exercise should be fun, and yoga is no exception to that rule for me. I love teaching yoga mainly because I know how beneficial it is for everyone and it’s very exciting to see students gain strength, confidence, peace of mind, and overall more happiness from practicing yoga. I love what yoga has brought to my life both in my own personal being, and from lifelong friendships I have gained with fellow teachers and with students. For all of these reasons and many more I hope to continue being able to practice and share yoga for many more years to come. Namaste.



I started my journey with yoga in 2007. I had just graduated from SIAST, moved home and was looking for something to keep me busy! I was always active in sports but I decided to try yoga. I was hooked instantly and my love for yoga continued to grow when I took my teacher training in 2010 . Since then, I received my certificate in Prenatal Yoga. What I love the most about being an instructor are the clients. Not only do they teach me but its amazing to watch each individual grow in their own practice. Yoga is not only my form of physical activity but has also become a big part of my life off my mat. Yoga has not only changed me physically but I have seen a lot of positive growth mentally and emotionally as well. Yoga has taught me to see the “bigger picture” and to just go with “the flow.”